Rx - Print Queue

The Print Queue allows the user to queue prescriptions, refills, and reprints to print all at once. To add a prescription to the Print Queue, click the Add Queue button on the prescription. Within the resulting prompt, select Cancel, Reprint, or Refill:

  • Cancel: stops the action
  • Reprint: prints a duplicate of the selected prescription and will NOT add a new line to the patient's clinical record
  • Renew: duplicates the information in the prescription and creates a new prescription in the sidebar, as well as adding a new line on the patient's clinical record
The Print Queue button will reflect the number of prescriptions within the queue. Repeat the process for all prescriptions that need to be printed, reprinted, or refilled, and click the Print Queue button to print all prescriptions at once.
If all prescriptions in the queue are using the same form, such as the Prescription [4 per sheet] form, multiple prescriptions can be printed to the same page, as long as they are for the same patient.
Multiple patients will be split to their own prescription pages regardless of the form set.
Note: The Prescription [Half-page] form does not pull two prescriptions onto the form. It will only print a single prescription.
Navigating away from the Active Med List with items left in the Print Queue will prompt the following options:
  • Clear Queue: clears all prescriptions from the queue
  • Cancel: cancels the action and returns to the Active Med List
  • Continue: continues navigation away from the Active Med List, leaving the queue as is
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