Time Clock - Tasks

Tasks within the Time Clock ability include clocking In, Out or On Break and creating Timesheet Reports. The tasks and features vary amongst Manager and Employee Users as configured within the User Reference. The level of User defines the available features within Time Clock. For example, Managers are able to edit Time Clock records for employees, run reports for multiple Users, and create Time Clock records as a batch.

The Tasks guide includes the following sections:

Time Clock for Employees: Tasks
As an employee, Time Clock is used to track working hours and breaks. The times can then be used within Reports to display hours within a pay period.

The following tasks are documented in the Time Clock for Employees: Tasks Guide:

Task: Clocking In, Out, or On Break
To clock In, Out, or On Break, click the option on the segmented button located at the bottom of the MacPractice Window.

The Time Clock Entries Window will display. This window can also be found through the Mac OS Status Bar, provided the preference to display it has been enabled. For more information, see the Time Clock Entries Window section in the Time Clock User Interface Guide.

Task: Creating Timesheet Reports
Each of the reports within the Timesheet Reports node provide an overview of employee hours. The reports are filtered by a date range by selecting a Begin/End Date or through the Pay Period menu.

The Accounting Report provides a timesheet report at the end of a pay period. The Accounting Summary provides a summarized total of the Accounting Report.

For more information on the reports, see the Timesheet Reports section in the Time Clock User Interface Guide.

Task: Coworker Attendance
Time Clock can be used to find out whether coworkers are clocked out or on vacation.

The Vacation Calendar displays blackout dates with a red "x" and the names of employees on vacation for each day. To see the full list of Employees, hold the control key on the keyboard while clicking on the date. From the resulting menu, select Show All Users to display the names within a popover menu.


The In/Out Report displays a table of all Users' current Time Clock records. The table shows which Users are clocked In, Out, or On Break along with the time the record was last updated.


For more information, see the Vacation Calendar or In/Out Report section in the Time Clock User Interface Guide.

Time Clock for Managers: Tasks
As a Manager, Time Clock is used for the Employee Tasks, such as Clocking In, Out, or on Break. Managers can use additional features to edit records, create reports for multiple employees, and more.

The following tasks are documented in the Time Clock for Managers: Tasks Guide:

To set a User as a Manager, see the Time Clock Users section in Configuration. For information on each feature of Time Clock, see the User Interface Guide.
Task: Employee Schedules
A Manager can add a vacation day or blackout date within the Vacation Calendar for each Time Clock User to see. This does not add the vacation day as a Time Clock record or prevent scheduling on the blackout day.
To create a Time Clock record within the Time Clock node, click the day and drag. From the resulting Time Clock window, set the Record Type and the Begin/End or Hours fields to create the Time Clock record.
To add multiple Time Clock records at once, use the Time Clock Batch Record Creator Manager.

Task: Employee Reports
As a Manager, some of the Timesheet Reports can be run for multiple employees. The Accounting Summary can be used to display all employee hours within a pay period or the Clock In Report can be used to display total Clock In records within a date range.

A Manager can also run reports for any employee singularly. For more information on each of the reports, see the Timesheet Reports section in the User Interface Guide.

Task: Modifying Time Clock Records
The Time Clock node hosts the Time Clock records for each employee. As an employee creates a record by clocking In or On Break, a new record is created in the Time Clock node. A Manager is able to modify a record through the Time Clock window, accessed by double clicking the record. For example, if a User was unable to clock In at the beginning of a shift, a Manager can double click the record where the User has clocked in and adjust the start time.

Employees are also able to modify their own time clock records with the Add/Modify/Delete Time Clock Records Time Clock Privilege enabled.

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