DR Bridges - VMWare or Parallels Files Sharing

Next, you will need to configure the WindowsBridge folder as a shared folder between Mac OS X and VMWare or Parallels. Please contact VMWare or Parallels Support for assistance with configuring a shared folder.

Set up /Volumes/macpractice/WindowsBridge or /Library/MacPracticeClient/Databases/macpractice/WindowsBridge as your shared folder in VMWare or Parallels. The two file paths are the same and can be used interchangeably, as the macpractice volume is stored as an alias in the Databases folder.

The folder will appear as a networked drive in Windows.

First, Install the parallel tools. Within the Virtual Machine menu, select Install Parallel Tools. Once this is done, select Parallels from the psf directory.

Next, select the Vmware from vmware-host directory. This directory will only display if the VMWARE tools have been installed from VirtualMachine menu > Install Vmware Tools.


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