Imaging Bridge - Using Medstrat MacPacs

This article seeks to give some guidance on how to utilize the MedStrat MacPacs Imaging Bridge. For instructions on how to link up Medstrat MacPacs with MacPractice, please refer to this article here.

To start using the bridge, add the Imaging Bridge icon to the MacPractice toolbar. You can do this by right-clicking the toolbar, and selecting "Customize Toolbar". Then, drag and drop the Imaging Bridge icon to the toolbar.


In order for the bridge to work, you will need to first select a patient in MacPractice  The bridge will not work correctly in Many mode; you will see the following alert. 

With a patient selected in MacPractice, click the Imaging Bridge icon in the toolbar. The Medstrat MacPacs software will open automatically, presuming you have followed the instructions in this article here.

When Medstrat MacPacs opens, it will automatically search for the selected patient, so you can easily view his or her record in Medstrat.

If the patient you wanted to open does not yet exist in Medstrat, the Medstrat software will still open after clicking the Imaging Bridge icon but Medstrat will not find that patient for you. You will have to create the patient in Medstrat first. The only information that is passed from MacPractice to Medstrat is First, Last, and Middle names.

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