HL7 - General HL7

HL7 can mean two things:

  1. A stand alone ability, it is used bidirectionally to send and update demographical information.
  2. It is also a standard file format for laboratory results in unidirectional labs ability.”

The HL7 feature allows HL7 messaging between MacPractice and a third party HL7 messaging source. The third party source will specify whether the HL7 messages will be sent from a File/Folder drop or a TCP/IP import function. HL7 may be used for exchange of other clinical information in addition to Labs, such as Immunizations, Syndromic Surveillance, etc.

A File/Folder scheme uses a file transfer protocol (FTP or SFTP) system and two network shared folders (incoming and outgoing) to allow HL7 messaging, whereas a TCP/IP scheme uses a static real world IP address and a series of open ports on the router/firewall. A Certified Local Network Technician can assist with either of these designs.

Continue setting up General HL7 Messaging with one of the following guides:

Note: The HIE (Health Information Exchange) Consent Checkbox should be checked to send HL7 messages for any patient.
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