HL7 - File/Folder Scheme

The File/Folder scheme requires a SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) as set up by a Certified Network Technician. An incoming folder and outgoing folder should be created within a generalized location on the server computer to act as the file paths by which HL7 messages are exchanged between MacPractice and the third party.

The File/Folder Scheme is set up within MacPractice in the HL7 panel of Preferences. To make changes in the HL7 Preferences, you will need to click the lock icon to unlock it.


Click the plus button to create and confirm a new HL7 entry. Enable the new HL7 entry with the Enabled checkbox then double click the Description field to add a new name. In the Format menu, select Folder.


Continue setting up with the File/Folder scheme below the new HL7 entry within the Folder, Outgoing, General and Custom tabs:

  • In the Folder tab, click the Folder radio button then click the Choose buttons next to both the Incoming and Outgoing HL7 Message fields to add the incoming and outgoing HL7 folder paths in both resulting windows.
  • Within the Outgoing tab, check any applicable checkboxes to enable MacPractice to send the corresponding information as an HL7 message to the third party recipient.
  • Within the General tab, there are three checkboxes present:
    • Use Default Incident When Importing Charges: Enabling this checkbox adds CPT codes imported into MacPractice to the default incident within the patient's ledger. When unchecked, MacPractice will prompt to select which incident to add the incoming CPT codes where ever multiple incidents are present.
    • Match Middle Name When Importing: Enabling this checkbox matches the HL7 message to the patient's account using patient's middle name.
    • Send external patient identifier in PID2:


  • The Custom tab is used to override the default values submitted in outgoing HL7 messages.


Click the Lock icon to save the new HL7 entry. The lock will need to be clicked again to edit the entry.

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