HL7 - TCP/IP Scheme

The TCP/IP scheme requires that a series of network ports specified by the third party HL7 company are open on the router/firewall. A certified local network technician can assist with opening these ports and setting up the recommended static IP address.

The TCP/IP scheme is set up within MacPractice in the HL7 category of Preferences. To make any changes in the HL7 Preferences, you will need to click the lock icon to unlock it. You can add a new HL7 Preference by clicking the Green Plus in the upper right hand corner, and then click the Format drop down to select TCP/IP.

 Continue setting up with the TCP/IP scheme below the new HL7 entry within the TCP/IP, Incoming, and Outgoing tabs:
  • The TCP/IP tab allows you to specify the incoming and outgoing IP addresses.
    • Within the Incoming MacPracticeServer IP field, set the real world static IP address along with the port specified by the HL7 company. Use port 5555 where the port number is not provided. Check the Acknowledge receipt checkbox to enable indications that HL7 messages are received.
    • Within the Outgoing Partner IP field, set the IP address and port number specified by the HL7 company. Check the Replies with acknowledgment checkbox to send the HL7 company acknowledgment that the HL7 messages were received.

  • The Outgoing tab allows you to check any applicable checkboxes to enable MacPractice to send the corresponding information as an HL7 message to the third party recipient.
  • The General tab contains three additional options.
    • Use Default Incident When Importing Charges: Enabling this checkbox adds CPT codes imported into MacPractice to the default incident within the patient's ledger. When unchecked, MacPractice will prompt to select which incident to add the incoming CPT codes where ever multiple incidents are present.
    • Match Middle Name When Importing: Enabling this checkbox matches the HL7 message to the patient's account using patient's middle name.
    • Send External Patient Identifier in PID2:


The Custom Tab allows you to adjust default values submitted in outgoing HL7 messages. Leave these fields blank if you aren't sure you need to adjust.

TCP/IP Outgoing HL7 Message: Multiple Port Scheme

The HL7 company may require a TCP/IP scheme where specific HL7 messages are sent over certain router ports and provide a list of ports each HL7 message type. Create this multiple port scheme with new HL7 preference entries for each message, using the description column to differentiate types.

For each entry, enter the HL7 company's IP Address in the Outgoing Partner IP field along with the associated port as instructed above. Within the Outgoing tab for each entry, select only the accompanying description type. Save each entry with the Lock icon before creating the next.
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