NPI - Individual NPI Numbers

There are two types of NPI numbers: Type 1, which are used for individuals; and type 2, which are used for groups. Which number you use will depend on whether you have credentialed as an individual or a group with your insurance payers. MacPractice Support will not have this information.

HIPAA has mandated that all providers who submit claims to insurance for reimbursement possess an NPI number. Individual NPI numbers are entered in the National Provider ID (NPI) field of the provider's user reference. Go to the Reference ability, select Users in the sidebar, then click the triangle to the left of this to see your list of users. Select the provider. Under the Provider tab, click on Claim Credentials and you should find a National Provider ID (NPI) field. Below this is a Group National Provider ID (NPI) field, which we will discuss in greater detail later.

MacPractice will validate the format of the NPI number. If it does not match the NPI number scheme, you will see an "Invalid NPI Number" warning, and MacPractice will not let you save the record. This feature does not check to confirm this is the correct NPI for the provider, simply that it is a legitimate NPI number.
The individual NPI will appear in boxes 24j and 33a on the CMS 1500 (08-05) NPI Only, CMS 1500 (08-05) NPI and Legacy form and in boxes 49 and 54 on the ADA 2006 form.
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