NPI - Other Insurance Requirements

Different insurance carriers may have different requirements. To prevent claim rejections, it is advisable to contact your carriers to determine what their specific requirements are and to then make the corresponding changes in MacPractice.

You receive notification from an insurance carrier, or multiple carriers, informing you that both the Legacy Numbers and NPI on the CMS-1500 (08-05) form are required. For the time being, you will want to set the CMS-1500 (08-05) NPI and Legacy form as the Default Claim form for that carrier or carriers. This can be done through the Claims tab of the Insurance reference, accessible either through References and Insurance Companies in the sidebar or through the Primary or Secondary tab of an account that has that particular insurance carrier(s).


Doing this will ensure that the correct Default Form is selected when you go to print a claim for this company. However, you will want to verify that the correct Default Form is selected for the first few claims you print after making this change.

Two important notes regarding the Default Claim form:

  • The Default Claim Form overrides the Default Insurance Form specified through Preferences and Forms in the sidebar.
  • The Default Claim Form is ignored when a default eClaim template is set. Claims will default to the eClaim template unless the default eClaims template is set to "none."
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