References - Adding Recall/Follow Up Type to Fee Schedule

After creating your recall types, you are ready to start entering in recalls for patients. The easiest way to do this is to attach a recall to the procedure codes that necessitate a recall. This code could be a surgical follow-up, a cleaning, or any other procedure code your office uses. To associate a recall to a code go to the Fee Schedule node in References. Expand the Fee Schedule node, then select the fee schedule you wish to work with. Once you have selected your fee schedule, you should see a list of codes in the main part of the MacPractice window. Find the procedure code in your list, then click the pop-up menu to select the desired Recall Type for this code. Save your changes then repeat the process for the next code.

With the code set up, when you enter a New Charge in the patient's ledger and select one of the codes with the recall associated to them, you will see the Recall Type auto-populate in the New Charge window.

When you save the code, the Recall will also be saved under the Recall tab of the Patient ability. After posting the charge (and entering payment and creating an insurance claim, if you have MacPractice configured to show these windows after posting a charge) a pop-up appear asking if you wish to schedule this recall, or cancel.

If you click the Schedule button you are taken to the Schedule ability where you can create an appointment for the patient. When the appointment is created, it will automatically be linked (tied) to the Recall and will show in green. If you click the Cancel button, MacPractice will keep the Recall open until an appointment is linked to it, allowing the Recall to appear on reports and be tracked.

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