EMR & EDR Element - Clinical Instruction

The Clinical Instructions Element is a text field that serves as directions from the doctor to the patient. This element can utilizes macros to streamline the process of creating Instructions. Clinical Instructions are required for CDA documents.

Add Clinical Instructions to the Form by dragging the Clinical Instructions from the Form Element box in the Form Section Palette (EMR/EDR > Toggle Palette) to the Form Section. Click the block to edit the name, size, position, and special properties in the Inspector.

Clicking the New button will bring up the macros creation window. Enter in a Title for the macro in top bar. In the Expanded Text box, enter in the text that should be populated any time a macro is selected.

From the Clinical Instructions window, anything may be typed in the box on the right. Any time the title of a macro is clicked, the full text of the macro will be populated.

Clicking the gear icon next to the title of the macro will allow the content or title of the macro to be edited.

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