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The Canon ImageFormula guide demonstrates the installation and setup of the Canon ImageFormula scanner with the Attachments ability. This document is written for Canon ImageFormula DR-2510M and the Attachments ability. The installation and setup is identical for the Images ability, however automatic import is not an option.

Installing Canon ImageFormula
To set up the Canon ImageFormula, first install the software that comes with the device. Double-click the DR-2510M installer.mpkg to start the installation process. Follow the prompts in the installation window to install the Canon ImageFormula software.

Confirm the installation, read and agree to the License Agreement, select the installation location, and add the computer Administrator credentials to begin the installation.

After the installation is complete, the Canon DR-2510M folder is placed in the Applications folder. Open this folder and select the CaptureOnTough file. The application icon can be added to the dock, if desired.

Setting Up The ImageFormula Software
Once the scanner is installed, create an import folder for scanned files. This folder will act as a bridge from the ImageFormula software to the MacPractice application.

Access Canon ImageFormula through the CaptureOnTouch application and select the Select Scan Job tab. In the Job list panel, click the Register new job button.

From the resulting window, select an Unconfigured item. Rename the job in the Job title field and uncheck the Save to Picture folder box. Next, click Browse to locate the Import Folder from the resulting menu. Click Open to add the file path to the new job. Click the OK button once all job details are correct.

On the Scan Job panel of the CaptureOnTough application, uncheck Assign scanner button 1 to Scan First to allow the scanned files to be sent directly to the Import Folder.

Setting Up MacPractice
To automatically import Canon ImageFormula files, set the import folder in the MacPractice Preferences within the Attachments option.

In the Importing Options section, select the import folder with the Choose button. In the resulting window, select the path to the import folder and click the Open button. Next, check the Enable import folder to import files to MacPractice. Any file saved to the folder will be saved to Attachments and deleted from this folder.

For more on the Attachments preferences, please see the Attachments section of the MacPractice Preference Guide.

Using Canon ImageFormula Scanner
To scan files to MacPractice using the Canon ImageFormula Scanner, place the physical file within the scanner and open the CaptureOnTouch application. Files can be scanned with the Scan First tab or the Select Scan Job tab. In both instances, a scan job will need to be created using the Import folder as set in MacPractice Preferences.

To use the Scan First tab in the CaptureOnTouch Interface, select the Scan First tab and click the Start button. Once the item is scanned, click Save to folder in the Output method section. Select the Import Folder to direct the item to MacPractice.

To use the Select Scan Job tab in the CaptureOnTouch Interface, select the Select Scan Job tab and select an output location from the Job list. Alternatively, create a new job by selecting an un-configured slot and entering the new name in the Job title field. Uncheck the Save to picture folder checkbox and click the Browse button to locate the Import folder. Next, click the Start button. The scanner will scan the item to the Import Folder. Click Return to main screen to repeat the process with a new file.

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