Understanding Records

In MacPractice, records can be anything from a patient to a single entry in the References Ability. In most of MacPractice, you will click the plus button to add a new record, or click the minus button to delete the selected record.
Each type of record has a default, which describes the basic information recalled as a new record is created. The information entered in the Default record will populate to all new records. For example, in Patients, there is a Default Patient record. Any information entered in this record (such as diagnosis codes, alerts, allergies, and so on) will automatically be added to new patients as those records are created. Similarly, there are default records for appointment types, referrals, users, and so on.
To remove a record, select it and click the minus button. Records that have been tied to other items in the database (such as an appointment type tied to an appointment record) cannot be deleted, generally. In some cases, they can be archived instead.
For more specific instructions on adding records of a given type, please view the documentation for that topic. For information on how records are used together in MacPractice, see Database Guide.
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