Updating - Update Considerations

This Installation guide will assist you in updating the MacPractice software. Before any MacPractice installation, please confirm your machines meet the System Requirements.

Generally, updating MacPractice as soon as possible is preferable as it will allow you to use the best version of the software. However, the decision on whether or not to update right away may need to be balanced with factors such as your office schedule, patient appointments, and the availability of your IT professional. You will also need to consider the availability of a few key items, such as computer passwords, before you begin updating.

When to Update
If you are short on time, you may wish to delay the update for another day. You may also wish to know more about the specific version of MacPractice which has been released to you. The MacPractice Software Update window (MacPractice Menu > Update MacPractice) presents the following information to make the decision on whether to update now or to delay:

  • Version and Build numbers: For example, Version 5.1(Build 6.1.2-1)
  • Update package size: The size of the package will vary by both version and build
  • Release Notes: A list of the specific changes within each build, organized by category (generally, a MacPractice Ability)
  • Change History: A list of all changes within a version, organized by build and category (generally, a MacPractice Ability)
  • New System Requirements: Changes to the system requirements for the MacPractice software or iPad Requirements
  • Installation: Step by step instructions on how to update

What You Will Need
Before you update the MacPractice software, consider that you will need the following:

  • Make sure your computers meet the System Requirements for any version before you attempt to update to it.
  • If you need to access the download or help site at any time during the update, you will need your serial number. Your MacPractice serial number can be obtained from MacPractice menu > About MacPractice.
  • You will need the Mac OS X Administrator password and the MacPractice Database Encryption password to complete any update.
  • Choose a time to complete the update when you will not need the software for daily functions. For example, you may wish to update when your practice is not seeing patients.
  • The update may take several hours, depending on your internet connection, database size, and computer specifications. Once you start the update, you will not be able to access your MacPractice data until the server has been updated. Once the server computer has updated, you will be able to access your data on the server, but client computers will be unable to access the database until they have also completed the update.
  • MacPractice recommends updating while logged in to the computer as a Mac OS X administrative user. Updating while logged in as a standard Mac OS X user may prevent Attachments and Digital Radiography/Imaging files from migrating to the new version.
  • Only use Ethernet. Wi-Fi is not a suitable connection for downloading the update.
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