Updating - Update Window

If you have updated MacPractice several times before, you may only need a general workflow to refresh your memory on the steps involved. The workflow below offers a summary of each step needed to update the MacPractice Server and Client machines. If you have any questions on the steps below, please continue reading the Installation instructions for more information on the topic.

  1. Before updating, make a backup of your MacPractice data and confirm all computers in your office have quit MacPractice.
  2. You should be prompted to update when logging in to the server. You can manually check for updates in MacPractice > Update MacPractice. If this window is blank, then no updates are available to you at this time.
  3. In the Update window, check the box next to the version update and click the Download and Install button.
  4. On your server, double click the ServerInstaller.mpkg file after the download completes. Follow the installer instructions.
  5. Once the installation completes, log in to MacPractice on the server. Enter the database encryption password.
  6. Update the database, if prompted. Do not quit during the database update as doing so will damage your data.
  7. Visit each client computer and log in to MacPractice. You will be prompted to download the update from the server.
  8. Enable the checkbox next to the version update and click the Download and Install button. Download the update, then click on the file to launch and follow the instructions in the installer.
  9. You may log in to all computers as the update is finished.
  10. Pair each MacPractice installation (desktop or app for iPad) with the MacPractice Server using the 4 digit passcode displayed within a prompt on each device. On the MacPractice Server, enter the passcode in Preferences > Database Access as shown in the instructions.
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