Updating - Update The Server

The MacPractice Server computer hosts the MacPractice database to which each of your MacPractice Client machines will connect. The MacPractice Server installer will install MySQL, the MacPractice application, the background application MacPracticeServer, the MacPractice Frameworks, and all other components that are necessary for MacPractice to run as a server on your office computer.

Locate the MacPractice Server
The MacPractice Server must be updated before any of the client computers. You can determine what computer is the MacPractice server by looking in the drawer of the MacPractice login window. The MacPractice server will list localhost as the Server IP Address. For most offices, the database name will be macpractice.


Server Update
When a new release has been made to your MacPractice Server computer, you will be prompted to update with the MacPractice Software Update window.

If you do not see the Software Update window, open the MacPractice menu and select Update MacPractice.


When to Update
Generally, updating MacPractice as soon as possible is preferable as it will allow you to use the best version of the software. However, the decision on whether or not to update right away may need to be balanced with factors such as your office schedule, patient appointments, and the availability of your IT professional.

If you are short on time, you may wish to delay the update for another day. You may also wish to know more about the specific version of MacPractice which has been released to you. The MacPractice Software Update window presents the following information to make the decision on whether to update now or to delay:

  • Version and Build numbers: For example, Version 5.1(Build 6.1.2-1)
  • Update package size: The size of the package will vary by both version and build
  • Version Changes: A list of the specific changes within each version, organized by build and change category (generally, a MacPractice Ability)
  • New System Requirements: Changes to the system requirements for the MacPractice software or iPad Requirements
  • Updating MacPractice: Step by step instructions on how to update
  • Update Notes: Changes to be aware of right away, including Database Access, Code Mapping, Care Slips, and the Validator
  • New Features: A selected list of important new features to help you get started with the new version

If you decide to delay the update for another time, click the Cancel button and continue using the MacPractice software as you would normally.

If you decide to update MacPractice, click the Download & Install button to begin the installation.
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