Updating - Database Update

To complete the update process, you may be prompted to update the database. If so, click the Update button.

Do not force quit the database update. It may take some time, depending on the version of MacPractice you are using, the specifications of the server computer, and the database size.

Authorization may be required to reset the system sleep time. Click OK and enter the Operating System administrative username and password, then click Continue.

Once finished, MacPractice will open and all client computers can be updated at once, if desired. Continue reading MacPractice Client Installation.

Create a Backup
Before updating the MacPractice Server, log out on all MacPractice Client machines. Make sure a current backup of your MacPractice data has been made just prior to updating. Create a MacPractice Backup on the local hard drive or an external device in MacPractice Preferences > Server Backups. Click the Backup button and select the location in which to create the backup within the resulting prompt. If a location is not specified, the backup will be created to the Default Backup Directory. Click Save Backup to start the backup process.


The backup may take several hours, depending on the size of your database. Allow the backup process to run until the backup is complete. Do not force quit this process.

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