Security - Security Alerts

Security Alerts, such as Failed Logins or Emergency Logins, can be reviewed within the Security Alerts report in the Management node of the Reports Ability. Security Alerts will also display to any User with the Notify of Security Alerts privilege. These messages will be displayed to the user upon logging in.

Only administrator users with the privilege will receive these messages. Within the References ability, under the User Group Privileges node, select the appropriate administrator group. From the Security set, enable the privilege Notified of Security Alerts. Upon the user's next login, any security alerts triggered will be displayed to the user.

Security Alert Error Types
  • Failed Login: This alert occurs when there have been failed attempts to log in to MacPractice. Nine times out of ten this alert will occur when an office member accidentally types in the wrong password when logging in. When observed, the best course of action is to simply check the times listed in the Security Alerts report to ensure they match up roughly with when that user had been attempting to log in.
  • Backup Failed: This alert will occur when an automatic backup has been scheduled but was not able to complete for whatever reason. Your first action should be to check the Backups Report, located in the Management node of the Reports Ability. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact MacPractice Support for advice and instruction on how to handle this scenario.
  • Emergency Login Used: This alert indicates that a user had used an Emergency Login to bypass the traditional log in process and used an Emergency Password to gain temporary admin privileges. You can learn more about Emergency Passwords here.
  • Audit Logs Tampered With: This alert shouldn't be seen often. This alert will occur when MacPractice detects that the MySQL History Log Database has been changed. This only typically occurs if someone has been tampering with MySQL in the background.
    Typically a user won't see this seen unless there has been a recent data recovery in which a MacPractice Data Specialist has had to work with your database to recover lost data. 
    Unpartnered third party software that interacts with MacPractice can also cause this alert to occur.
    If you have had a recent data recovery, this is likely in response to that data recovery process. If you have not, we advise you contact MacPractice Support so we can evaluate and determine what is occurring.
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