Security - Emergency Password

The Emergency Password grants non-administrative users temporary administrative access to MacPractice in an emergency. The user must have the Allow Emergency Access privilege enabled to use the Emergency Password.

Create an emergency password within Preferences > Security. Enable the Enable Emergency Access Password box, then click the Set Password button.

Enter and verify the Emergency Access Password. The password must contain at least eight characters. MacPractice also recommends using a combination of letters and numbers, as well as at least one special character.

In an emergency, any user can enter their own username and password, then enable the Emergency Access checkbox before logging in.

The user will be prompted to enter the emergency password. The user will have temporary administrative access to MacPractice. The next time a user with the privilege to view security alerts logs in to the software, he or she will receive a pop-up notification that the emergency password has been used, and can track this information in the Security Alerts report. Please review the Security Alerts documentation for more information.
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