eClaims - Templates

eClaim Templates
Your eClaims template controls how your electronic claims will be formatted. Most users will only have one template, however your office may have additional templates depending on how you are set up with the clearinghouse, or if you submit different types of claims. For example both medical and dental claims need to be on separate templates.

To review your eClaims template or templates, go to the eClaims ability and select ‘Template Values’ in the sidebar. Expand the node to view your eClaims template(s). Select the template you wish to view.

Your template will be set up for you during your eClaims training and should not need to be changed. In some cases, the eClaims template may contain default values such as your tax ID, submitter information, and HIPAA release status. If you need to make any changes to any template values, please contact the EDI division of the MacPractice Support Department at 877-220-8418 for assistance.

You may also select the template to view your username and password, as well as pre-defined template values.

Your template version can be determined by selecting the template in the sidebar, and viewing the template version in the top right corner.

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