How to Import Transactions/Patients via HL7

Transactions imported via HL7 (for example, from the iPhone interface or from SpringCharts) create an order with an HL7 Imported Transactions (P03) type. The order is processed differently, depending on whether the order is for a new patient or an existing patient.
New Patient
If the patient does not yet exist in the database, select the order and click the Create Patient button.
A new patient record will be created with the information from the HL7 message. Review this information to confirm it is correct and save the changes.

It may be beneficial to set a provider, office and fee schedule under the Patient tab.
Once the patient is saved there will be an active order, as indicated by the red number in the Orders tab. Select the order, and there will now be a Post Charge button above the Sign button. From here, posting the charges will be the same as if it was an existing patient (see below).

Existing Patient
Click the Post Charges button on the order.
If the default fee schedule, provider and office for the patient have not been set, the following prompt will appear, asking for these fields to be set before proceeding.
If the code does not exist in the patient's default fee schedule, a prompt will ask to import the missing codes. Cancel will return to the Order screen without making any changes and Import will add the indicated code(s) to the patient's default fee schedule before returning to the Order screen.
Open Imported Orders
If there are any open imported Orders (from HL7 Messages, Careslips, One Touch EMR, etc.), they will appear as a number in the Imported Items button. Clicking on the button will direct to the Patients Ability in the Orders Tab. If no Imported orders are in the system, the button will not redirect to the ability.
HL7 Imported Patient (A04)
If a new patient is added via HL7 message (such as importing from SpringCharts or via the iPad interface), an order of this type will be created. Click the Create Patient button, located above the Sign button on the order. A new patient record will be created with the information from the HL7 message. Review this information to confirm it is correct and save the changes. The patient will be added to the database.
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