Orders - Order Types

Order Types are used to organize and categorize orders within the Orders Table. By default MacPractice has eighteen (18) order types. However, users can only manually create orders assigned to one of the following types:

  • Correctionfor patient requested demographic corrections from the Portal, or MacPractice user created patient information corrections
  • General: a non-specific type for any purpose
  • Health Information Request: for tracking and fulfilling patient health record requests
  • Laboratoryfor received HL7 lab results or for the manual input of ordered lab tests and results; requires additional configuration
  • Medications: for prescription requests or renewals
  • Provider Referrals: for tracking the progress of a patient referred to an outside provider or entity
  • Radiology/Imaging: for radiology or imaging requests
  • Reminder: for a reminder-focused order, though any order type can have reminders
With the exception of Laboratory, the above types are informational only. That is, while the type is displayed in the order list, it does not affect the way the order record functions.
The other order types are reserved by the system, generally used with an additional purchased option:
  • Careslip Chargefor billing orders created from with the EMR Ability, EHR Ability, or iEHR App
  • HL7 Imported Patient (A04)for new patient records imported from an external source
  • HL7 Imported Transactions (P03)for charges imported from an external source
  • Preventive Carefor tracking Preventive Care Measures generated from the Clinical tab
  • TCE: for records imported from The Complete Exam charting bridge
  • Web Appointment Request: for patient appointments requested via the Portal
  • Web Comment from Patient: for patient comments from the Portal (discontinued)
  • Web Patient Demographic Updatefor patient requested demographic updates from the Portal
  • Web Patient Password Update: for a patient requested password update for and from the Portal (discontinued)
  • Web Patient Registration: for a new patient record created via the Portal (discontinued)
All of the above order types except for Correction and General can be hidden from view, the default user for a given order type can be established, and additional custom order types can be created and managed in References.

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