Clinical Tab - Smoking

The Smoking Status widget will allow you to add and show a record of the patient's smoking status.

At the top right you will see the Info button and the Add button.

Click the Add button to add a new smoking status to the table

Choose the patient's smoking status from the dropdown menu. For current and former smokers, enter the date the patient started smoking in the Start Date field. For former smokers, also enter the quit date.

Entering a smoking status of Current Smoker without checking the box for cessation counseling offered will trigger a clinical alert; though the alerts may be disabled through References. If cessation counseling was offered, check the Cessation Counseling Offered box and enter the date within the Date Offered field. Click the Done button to add the record.

Smoking Status entries will be displayed in the table as they are collected over time. Double click on the row to edit any details about a past record. To delete a record, select the Delete button in the edit window.

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