Patient Tab - Race/Ethnicity

From the Race/Ethnicity tab, you can add and remove demographic information for the patient in question. The options available are pre-set in the References Ability under Races, and those options cannot be added to or changed, as this is a requirement in order to meet requirements as a Certified (2014 CHERT) software.
This data may also be entered by the patient while in the Clipboard application.

To select Ethnicity information, click on the 'Ethnicity:' drop down menu and select the desired Ethnicity.
If the patient declined to specify their Race, you can check the "Declined to Specify" checkbox.
To add Race information, you can click on the Green Plus in the upper right of the Race/Ethnicity tab. You will be presented with a selection window as shown in the screenshot below. Select the desired Race and click "Select".
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