Patient Tab - Appointments

The Appointments Tab contains appointment data for the patient. This tab will only appear if the Scheduling Ability is purchased on your license.

Appointment information cannot be edited in this window. If you wish to make changes, simply double click on an appointment. This will open the appointment in the Schedule Ability, where you can then make adjustments as needed.

The Appointments pop-up menu allows you to filter a specific time period, such as Future, This Month, Last Month, Last 6 Months, This Year and Last Year. You can also use this menu to filter Deleted Appointments.  If you want to see more specific results, you can use the Start and End dates to manually set a date range.

The appointment results show the Date, Day of the week, Time, length of the appointments in Min., and Resource the appointment was scheduled under. The Status, and Type of the appointment are also listed. The Notes field lists the notes entered in the appointment. The Created and Last Updated columns indicate when the appointment was entered into the software, and when the last change was made, respectively. The Updated By and Created By columns display the user that performed these actions. The username of the provider the appointment is associated to is listed in the Provider column.

Appointments are color coded as such:

  • Black: Scheduled Appointments
  • Red: Missed Appointments
  • Blue: Cancelled Appointments
  • Purple: Appointments set to "To Reschedule".
  • Grey: Rescheduled cancelled appointments

You can use the Print menu to print a list of appointments. Print All will print all appointments for the patient (excluding deleted appointments). Print Selected will only print the appointments currently selected. By holding down the Option key on your keyboard when making your selection from the Print menu, you can include additional information in the printout.

Below the table, the Total number of appointments is tallied, as well as the number of Missed, Cancelled and To Reschedule appointments. If you reschedule a To Reschedule appointment, the original Reschedule record will be updated to indicate the new appointment. If you reschedule a Missed or Cancelled appointment, the original Missed or Cancelled record is retained, to assist in tracking cancellation history.

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    Brit Wolff

    Can we get more details on the tallied totals for Missed, Canceled, and To Reschedule? Like what the X/X (1/1, 2/2, etc) means?

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