Patient Tab - Referrals

The Referrals tab is designed to document unique transitions to and from the Referrers involved. This document uses the terms referral and referrer as follows:

  • Referral (n.): The Referral record is the event in which a patient is transitioned to another provider, from another provider, from a marketing campaign, or any other referrer.
  • Referrer (n.): The entity or individual responsible for the referral. A referrer may have more than one instance in the patient's Referral tab where multiple referral events from the same referrer are present.

To add a referral to the patient's record, click the plus button in the upper right corner of the referral area. In the resulting window, search for and select the referrer. If the referrer is not present within the list, click the plus button to create a new referrer record. Referrers can also be added in the Referrers Reference.

In the Referral Category column, select the category by which this referral is made. Set this as a default in the preference if your office deals primarily with one type of referral.

  • Transition From: This is a referral made from another practice to your own.
  • Transition To: This is a referral made from your practice to another provider.
  • Marketing: This is a referral made from a marketing campaign. It is important to note that Marketing referrals are not actively tracked in reports at this time.
  • Not Applicable: None of these referral categories apply to this referral.

In the PCP column, select the checkbox if the referral was made from or to the patient's Primary Care Provider. In the Notes field, enter any free-text notes regarding the referral. The Reason field can be used to record the reason the patient was referred.

Referrers pull from the Patient tab into other areas of MacPractice. The referrer listed first will pull onto new ledger incidents as they are created if the Referral Category is be set to Transition From. The first referral on the list may also be included on Notes and Forms and referrals can be selected for clinical exports. Referrers and charges with referrers are filters in some reports as well.

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