Favorite Diagnoses - Getting Started

Favorites is a new feature in MacPractice 5.1 that allows frequently used Diagnoses to be sorted into an easy to identify list.

Changes after updating:
Updating to the new feature will create changes in the database for clients based in the United States in the form of a migration of data. Diagnoses references will be recognized in the migration as ICD 9 or ICD 10 Favorites based on the Code in the Diagnosis reference. If a code matches the UMLS list for either ICD 9 or ICD 10, it will be sorted appropriately. Any unsorted code will stay in a reference called Diagnosis (Custom).

In iEHR 9.9 and MacPractice Build 9.9.6, we've added the functionality for iEHR Favorites when selecting Diagnosis Codes. Any codes marked as a Favorite will be easily accessible.

Codes will not be migrated over if they don’t have a matching UMLS code or if there is more than one instance of a code in use. These codes (if applicable) will need to be sorted manually.
Note: Offices outside of the US will not see any changes.

Demo Video - Favorite Diagnoses
Universal Coding Selector

References - Favorites ICD 10 Diagnoses
References - Favorites ICD 9 Diagnoses
References - Diagnosis (Custom)

Problem List:
Patient Clinical Tab - Problem List

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