Preferences - Abilities

The Abilities preference allows you to view license information and the MacPractice abilities your office has purchased.



Fetch License
On the server, you can fetch your license from this screen. When you fetch your license, your computer checks in with MacPractice's servers and gets the most up to date information for your serial number. You will need to fetch your license after purchasing a new ability, renewing your MacPractice license, changing your office address, or purchasing additional networking clients. You must have a working internet connection to fetch your license.
After entering your serial number and clicking the Fetch License button, a message will appear to let you know the license was successfully fetched. You must click the Logout button in order for your changes to take effect.
When you log back in to MacPractice, you can confirm your changes have taken effect. For further assistance contact MacPractice Support.

Services and Products  
This button takes you to our Services and Products Ability that displays each feature enabled on your license, and can be filtered to display features that you do not have available on your license. There are also a variety of services available to explore in the sidebar.
If you haven't purchased the option, there will be a "Learn More" button present that you can click to learn more about that feature.
There will also be contact information available should you wish to speak to one of our Sales Representatives about purchasing a particular feature.
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