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Upon registration, AutoRemind will supply a portal Username and Password. These credentials will be added to the MacPractice Preferences, where the AutoRemind templates are fetched and added to the MacPractice database.

Within the AutoRemind panel of the MacPractice Preferences, enter the AutoRemind Username and Password as provided by AutoRemind. Next, click the Login To Portal button to log in to the AutoRemind website. Click the Fetch Templates button to download the AutoRemind Notification templates from the AutoRemind server to the templates in References.


The AutoRemind Preferences panel contains these additional settings:

  • Default Notification Profile: Select a type from the AutoRemind Notification Types available in References to set a default for all new patients.
  • International Phone Prefix: The default option "1" can be changed for location.
  • Auto-fetch Status Updates: This option checks AutoRemind's servers every hour for status changes such as appointment confirmations.
  • Set AutoRemind status to Confirmed when MacPractice status becomes confirmed: When enabled, an appointment status set to Confirmed in MacPractice will message AutoRemind's servers to cancel the confirmation message. A regular reminder will still be sent.
  • Troubleshooting Mode: This test limits AutoRemind queries at the direction of MacPractice.
  • Web Services URL: Never adjust this URL without instruction by AutoRemind or MacPractice.
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