Notes - Treatment Plans Data Pull Fields

The pull fields available in the Treatment Plan table field are the same as the Treatment pull fields, except for those listed below, and display the same information, except that notes generated with this field can be done within the Notes Ability rather than from the patient's appointment. The benefit to using the Treatment Plan table instead of the Treatments pull fields is the ability to specify and pull in data from multiple treatments.

  • Treatment Name: Lists the name of the treatment plan that contains the item
  • Treatment Incident Name: Lists the Incident Name of the incident that contains the transaction

Treatment Plans Pull Fields:

  • Treatment Date: Date of the appointment
  • Treatment Code: Procedure code of the treatment item
  • Treatment Tooth: Tooth number associated with the treatment item
  • Treatment Surface: Tooth surface data associated with the treatment item
  • Treatment Quadrant: Area of Oral Cavity, as selected in the charge window. This field will pull a number based on the order of the Area of Oral Cavity list in the charge window. For example, if Entire Oral Cavity is selected, the template will print 1, if Maxillary Area is selected, the template will pull 2, if Lower Right Sextant is selected, the template will pull 16.
  • Treatment Description: Short description of the treatment item
  • Treatment Charge Amount: Total Fee amount of the treatment item
  • Treatment Insurance Amount: Insurance portion of the treatment item
  • Treatment Patient Amount: Patient portion of the treatment item
  • Treatment Allowed Amount: Allowed Amount of the treatment procedure
  • Treatment Write Off Amount: Estimated write-off associated to the treatment plan item
  • Treatment Discount Amount: Difference between the unit fee of the selected procedure originally established in the fee schedule reference and the discounted fee amount for this patient calculated based on the percentage entered in the Percent Discount (%) field on the Statement Information area of the Account tab of the Patient ability.
  • Treatment Status: Appointment status
  • Treatment Resource: Resource associated with the appointment
  • Treatment Diagnosis 1-4: Diagnosis codes associated with the treatment item (Diagnosis 1 will pull the primary diagnosis on the procedure, Diagnosis 2 will pull the second code listed, and so on)

Treatment Plans Total Data Fields
The Treatments Plans Data Total Amount field will display the total charge amount of all transactions selected from a Treatment Plan Data table pull field. This pull field is not a table and will only pull data if the Treatment Plans Data table is also in the note template. The Treatment Plans Data Total Patient and Total Insurance will pull the patient and insurance portions of the treatment items, respectively.

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