Preferences - Database Access

The Database Access Preference allows you to connect terminal machines to your MacPractice Server.


Each MacPractice terminal will need to be paired with the MacPractice Server using a passcode presented on the device. When a MacPractice client attempts to connect to the MacPractice Server, a 4 digit passcode is generated and remains open for 60 minutes. Print the instructions, which include the passcode and the expiration time.

On another computer logged into MacPractice, add the passcode in Preferences > Database Access as shown in the printed instructions. The device will be added to the Database Access list and paired with the MacPractice Server.

To prevent future access from any device within the Database Access list, click the lock icon and type the OS X Administrator password. Select the device to delete, then press the delete key on the keyboard. In the resulting prompt, click the Delete button. When a device is removed from Preferences > Database Access, it will be forced to log out of MacPractice in one minute.


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