Preferences - Digital Rad. Bridges

The Digital Rad. Bridges preference, if purchased, allows you to set the type of bridge to use in MacPractice. Each bridge selection will have additional information; for specific information, please visit the Documentation: Bridging & Windows.


There are many third party Digital Radiography programs available for bridging with MacPractice. The bridge will allow you to automatically open patients in the bridged program from MacPractice. If you use multiple bridges you can default one bridge in the preferences or simply select the DR Bridge by clicking and holding the DR Bridge icon on the top toolbar. However, you will have to remember which bridge you are using and switch the bridge when needed.

Please contact your MacPractice Sales Representative for more information on purchasing a bridge. If you need help with bridge setup please review Bridging & Windows documentation; if you still need assistance please contact the MacPractice Support staff.

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