Notes - Appointment Pull Fields

In order for the Appointment pull fields to populate, the note must be created from an appointment in the Schedule Ability. There are two ways of accomplishing this: by dragging the patient's appointment from the Schedule or from the Appointments node to the template under the Note Template node, or by dragging the appointment to the List tab of the MacPractice drawer, and from there dragging the List folder to the template.

Any date information will be formatted as set on the Format Date As selection in the MacPractice Preferences > Notes.

  • Appointment Start Date: Date the appointment begins
  • Appointment Start Time: Time the appointment begins (formatted HH:MM AM/PM)
  • Appointment End Date: Date the appointment ends
  • Appointment End Time: Time the appointment ends (formatted HH:MM AM/PM)
  • Appointment Length In Minutes: Duration of the appointment. If the appointment is 15 minutes long, this field will pull 15. If the appointment is an hour and a half long, this field will pull 90.
  • Appointment Note: Text entered in the Notes field in the appointment detail window
  • Appointment Status: Status of the selected appointment
  • Appointment Type: Type associated to the selected appointment
  • Appointment Resource Name: Resource the appointment is scheduled under
The Appointment Provider fields will pull based on the provider selected in the appointment detail window. This information can be updated in References > Users.
  • Appointment Provider Last Name: Last name of the appointment provider
  • Appointment Provider First Name: First name of the appointment provider
  • Appointment Provider Middle Name: Middle name of the appointment provider
  • Appointment Provider Suffix: Suffix of the appointment provider
  • Appointment Provider Title: Title of the appointment provider
  • Appointment Provider Form Name: Pulls the Name Printed in Box 33 HCFA (in MacPractice MD, DC and 2020) or Name Printed in Box 53 (in MacPractice DDS) of the appointment provider as defined in References > Users > Provider tab
  • Appointment Treatment Plan: Lists the procedure code, description, and fee amounts of treatment plan ledger transactions that are associated to the appointment.
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