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The Forms preference allows you to specify the default form to be used by all MacPractice clients using this database.

Default Forms
The Default Forms tab sets the default form used for Account Statements, Incident Statements, Insurance Forms, eClaims Templates, Predetermination Forms, Treatment Plans, Rx Forms, Post Cards, Encounter Forms, Insurance Tracer Forms, Order Forms, Patient Forms, Contract Billing Forms, eStatements, and Optical Rx Forms.

The Default Form selections will take effect after the Preferences window is closed.

To select a form as your default form for an area of the software, click on the corresponding pop-up menu and select the form you wish to use. All active forms will appear under the pop-up menu, if a form does not appear under the menu option you will need to activate the needed form. Go to References > Forms, then select the form you wish to add. Check the Form Active box, then save your changes by going up to the Edit menu and choosing Save Record, or using the Command-S keyboard shortcut.

You will then be able to select this form as a default form in Preferences > Default Forms.

Form - Settings Tab

  • Create as Few Claims as Possible: With this option enabled MacPractice will not split claims based on number of procedures, number of diagnosis codes, differing facilities, differing "Provider Shown On Claim" settings for the charges, differing referrals, or differing offices associated to the charge.
  • Split Prescriptions by Patient: When disabled, all patient information will be combined on the printout.
  • Always Use Installment Amount: When enabled, installment statements will always print the installment amount, even if it is larger than the remaining balance.
  • Default Postcard Comment: Allows you to select a comment from References > Postcard Comment.
  • Sort Treatment Plans By: Allows you to specify how printed Treatment Plans should sorted, either by code or by tooth number.
  • Print Office Address On Envelopes: When checked, your office address (as entered in References > Office) will be printed as the return address on envelops.
  • Print Provider on Patient Enveloper: When checked, the provider selected on the Patient tab of the Patient ability will be printed as part of the return address on an envelope, if the envelope is created from a patient record.
  • Default Office For Envelopes: This menu selects the office record used when printing envelope forms. For patient and account records, the account office will be used.
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