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In December 2016, MacPractice made some changes to the way Immunizations are entered to comply with new government standards. Please check with State Registries to ensure that all local requirements are met.

The HL7/Immunization preference allows a user to enable HL7 messaging with another program. For more information on configuring HL7 messaging, please visit our HL7 documentation.

Create a new Preference by clicking the green plus. Once created, the Description may be entered and the Format selected. The Enabled checkbox must be selected in order for the Preference to be utilized in MacPractice.

Format Tab
The first tab will change depending on the Format selected for the Preference.

Allows a user to set the Incoming and Outgoing HL7 Message folder paths when using a file/folder scheme.

This is where a user will input Provider credentials from their Immunization Registry.

Clicking on the green plus will open a pop up window. The Facility ID, Username and Password are all required fields, the information for these fields come from the local Registry.

The Provider field can be set to any Provider, but will default to the first Provider listed alphabetically.

A user can set the server paths for Incoming and Outgoing HL7 messages here.

Allows a User to set the Incoming and Outgoing HL7 Message folder paths when using a TCP/IP scheme.

Outgoing Tab
The Outgoing tab allows a user to check any applicable checkboxes to enable MacPractice to send the corresponding information as an HL7 message to the third party recipient.

General Tab

Use Default Incident When Importing Charges
Enabled by default. When checked, HL7 charges will be imported to the most recent incident on the account. When unchecked, MacPractice will ask the user which incident they wish to add the procedures to.

Match Middle Name When Importing
If checked, this will check the middle name of the patient that is being imported to help prevent duplicate patients from being imported into MacPractice.

Send external patient identifier in PID2
MacPractice will collect data from a third party HIE and save it. That information will be populated into any HL7 message in the future. MacPractice does not pass this information along to any other source. As long as this box is checked, information will update every time HL7 messaging is utilized.

The fields here populate into HL7 messages. If necessary, the Registry will supply the office with the required information. Sending Facility (MSH-4) is most often a direct match for the Facility ID in the Office Reference.

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