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Lab interfaces are controlled via the MacPractice Preferences-Lab. These settings must be correct before you can use a lab interface with the Labs Ability. A MacPractice representative assists with set up of new interfaces, and can help with updating if changes are required.

Most Labs
Most labs MacPractice works with use an SFTP setup. Through Shared Folders, the lab results are securely deposited in a folder on the office's computer. MacPractice then scans these folders and imports any files of results. The files must be specifically formatted so for MacPractice to read the results. 


A. Lab Name: Select the name of the laboratory you will be receiving lab results from.
B. Sends Preliminary Results (Only for LabCorp and Quest): This field must be checked for those two labs and remain unchecked for all others. Only a MacPractice representaive has access to unlock this. 
C. Incoming File Folder:
Click the Choose button to select the shared folder where messages from the lab will be stored before they are imported into MacPractice.
D. Outgoing File Folder (Not Required): Click the Choose button to select the shared folder where information from MacPractice will be stored before it is sent to the lab. This is just for your information, MacPractice does not send lab requisitions. 
E. Number of seconds to delay before checking change in file size: This field is used to determine how long MacPractice waits to see if a file has changed before it is imported. The default setting is 60 seconds. A delay set too low may import files not fully copied over slow networks.
F. Default Form (Not Required): Allows you to select the form you would like to be used for printed lab results by default.
G. Default Assigned To User: Laboratory orders created for this lab will automatically be assigned to the selected user. This overrides any settings on the Laboratory Order Type. 
H. Rejected File Folder: Use the Choose button to determine where MacPractice will store files from this lab that it cannot import. This file should be checked regularly, if importing stops or files are rejected, you will not be otherwise notified.

Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics has a unique interface in MacPractice. It uses an integrated FTP client within MacPractice; this system that communicates with and pulls results from their their host servers, instead of having the labs sent to a SFTP Host within the office.

A project manager from Quest Diagnostics is assigned to an office for the initial setup of the lab. This person will communicate to the MacPractice Labs department via email. First a temporary login and password will be assigned to the office; for example:

  • User ID = HORI#####test
  • Password = 01hori######


Be sure the ‘sends preliminary results’ is checked. This field must be unlocked via a MacPractice support password.

When entering in the User / Password, make sure to tab or exit out of the fields. Then toggle your Preference from “Labs” to “Labels” and back to guarantee your credentials are saved.

Click “Check Results.” If nothing appears to happen, then it succeeded. If you receive an “Unauthorized User” message, please check the credentials you entered.

Testing the Interface
First Results 
Next the project manager from Quest will want to test the interface. They will advise of test results they have sent to the office. On an office computer, log into MacPractice, go to Orders menu and set the filters as follows:

The results should appear in the table below. You can determine if you have the correct lab result as only two tabs show on Quest Lab Results: Orders and Attachment. 

Rename and Return First Results 
The MacPractice representative must send these results back to Quest. In the Attachment tab, they will export all the results to the desktop and transfer them over a share screen. The representative will open each result on their desktop and rename them the name of the specimen in the file:

The attachment example above should be renamed to CS0000TC4. The Quest Diagnostics Project Manager will send about 3 to 5 initial tests.

Second Results
Once the Labs representative replies with all received files, Quest will send 3 more results, including a ‘corrected’ result.

Rename and Return Second Results & Error Log 
Retrieve these results as before, send them to the project manager, along with a screenshot of the ‘error’ log. The MacPractice error log is the Orders tab itself.

Enter New Credentials 
Once all testing is complete, the project manager for Quest will send a new set of credentials. Typically, this is the same as the test credentials but the word “test” is replaced with “admin”.  Example:

  • User ID = HORI#####admin
  • Password = 01hori######

After entering in the User / Password make sure to tab or exit out to verify that your credentials are saved.  Once finished, the office should be able to receive results from Quest Diagnostics.

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