Preferences - Report

The Report Preference allows you to customize Report settings.

  • Hide inactive providers from the report filter: If checked, hides all providers that have the Inactive box checked in References > Users from the report filters. NOTE: This will also omit all transactions associated with Inactive providers from your report. If enabled, this may cause discrepancies when you compare your reports.
  • Show negative amounts with parenthesis (i.e.,(5.00) as opposed to -5.00): Allows you to select how you wish a negative amount will be displayed when running your reports.
  • Print as web page: This option is enabled by default. If checked, the reports will print the information as it appears in the software. If unchecked, MacPractice will attempt to insert page breaks without disrupting a row of information, and add page numbers to the printout. Expanded reports will also be formatted differently. Not all reports can be printed in this manner.
  • Export report as: Allows you to specify the format that is used by default when exporting reports using the Export button at the bottom of the report. You can choose between Text, HTML or PDF.
  • Show filter selections in the report: When checked, selected filter options will be displayed at the bottom of the report.


  • (7.3.15+) Automatically run the View, Download, Transmit report every day at (_): This option, if checked, will automatically run the View, Download, Transmit report at the designated time. This is especially useful for offices that plan on attesting and want a forced reminder every day to review whether they are meeting their criteria. For more information, please refer to the View, Download, Transmit report documentation.
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