Preferences - Security

The Security preference pane allows you to set and manage security options.


  • Automatically log out after __ minutes of inactivity: When enabled, this preference will automatically log a user out of MacPractice if they have been idle for the set duration of time. The minimum logout time is 3 minutes; there is no maximum. If MacPractice detects no action from the user for the selected time period, the user will receive an alert before being logged off. Clicking in the MacPractice window will stop the log off process.

  • Enabled Emergency Access Password: When enabled you will be able to create an emergency access password by clicking the Set Password button.Screen_Shot_2017-05-03_at_2.20.55_PM.png
    This will allow non-administrator users to log in as an administrator in the event of an emergency. Whenever the emergency password is used it is logged in the Security Alert report. Additionally, the administrator-level users will receive a popup notification upon login.

  • Enable MacPractice to remember previously logged in username and password: When checked, this preference allows users to check the "Remember me" check box in the login window, thereby saving the username and password. For more security you may wish to uncheck this box.

  • When printing reports, record the following in the History report (Builds earlier than 11)
      • Make one log entry for the print operation representing all patients.
      • Make a separate log entry for each patient whose information is printed. It would be suggested that you use the 'one log entry' for the print action. Making a separate log entry for each patient's information being printing can create hundreds plus of log entries.

  • Reset Patient Portal Password: Should the PHI Portal Password ever need to be reset, click the Reset PHI Portal Password button in Preferences > Security. It may take up to 5 minutes for the password to reset.

  • Set Up Domain Button: When this button is clicked on the MacPractice Server, if there is a valid registered domain on this account, this will connect your Server to that Domain for the purposes of integrating with services such as Patient Portal, MP.Go, or MP Engage.
    You can click here to learn more about Domain Management.
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