Preferences - Sidebar

The Sidebar preference allows you customize appearance and functionality of the sidebar.
  • Sidebar Font: Allows you to choose the font you would prefer to use for sidebar text.
  • Simple Sidebar: When checked, MacPractice will automatically close sidebar nodes you're not working with when expanding other nodes within the sidebar.
  • Auto-Load Records: Allows all records to automatically load in each node in the sidebar; for better performance on a slow network, disable this feature.
  • Hide additional patient data while on Many: When checked, only the Patient Name will be displayed for sidebar records when in Many mode. For example, in the Attachments sidebar, you would see patients' names listed, but not the Description, Date, or Type. In EMR/EDR, you would see the patient's name, but the Created Date, Procedure Date, and Form Name would be hidden until you selected a patient and went into One mode. When disabled, all sidebar columns will be populated, regardless of the One/Many setting.
  • Show Patient Name Prefix: When checked, a patient's Prefix (title), and Suffix will be displayed in the sidebar of the Patients ability. When unchecked, only the first, middle, and last names will be displayed.
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