Preferences - Time Clock

Time Clock Preferences, found in the MacPractice menu item under Preferences, set the pay period frequency, hours per week, and the amount of break time for employees.

These preferences are local, meaning they are tied to this specific computer. If you intend on running Time Clock reports from different computers, you'll want to confirm the Time Clock Preferences are configured the same way for each computer for consistency.

Set the Preferences to configure the Time Clock ability:

  • Show Time Clock Icon in Status Bar: Displays the Time Clock Status icon within the Mac OS Status Bar
  • Pay Period Frequency: Sets the frequency with which a pay period is calculated: Weekly, Every Two Weeks, Once Per Month, or Twice Per Month
  • Initial Payroll Start Date: Sets the date the initial pay period begins
  • Subsequent Payroll Start Date: This appears when Twice Per Month is selected and designates which date in which the second pay period should begin.
  • __ minutes of break per __ hour(s): Sets the amount of break minutes allowed for a set number of hours
  • Work Week Start Day: Sets the day of the week on which the work week begins. Note: The Time Clock is designed to always show from Sunday to Saturday regardless of the day of the week selected.
  • __ hours/week until overtime: Sets the hours after which overtime is calculated
  • Hours worked beyond ___ hours / day also count as overtime: Sets the number of hours per day allowed until overtime begins to calculate for that day, as opposed to calculating overtime after the number of hours per week.
Note: The "View Global Time Clock Preferences" Time Clock Privilege restricts a User from these Preferences.
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