Preferences - Transworld

The Transworld Preferences hold the credentials provided by Transworld used to transmit collections and a button to log in to the Transworld Portal.


To use the Collections Manager, add the Profit Recovery Client Number, Accelerator Client Number, Host, Username, and Password as provided by Transworld Collections.

Compatibility and the Host Field

In order to use TransWorld, you will need to have MacPractice Build 7.3.44 or later. If you are on a build prior to this, please contact MacPractice Support to discuss updating.

The Host that you will use in the Host Field depends on the OS version that the office is currently running.

If you are using OS El Capitan (10.11.x) or earlier, you can use the host
If you are using OS Sierra (10.12.x), you will need to change the Host name to
If you are using OS High Sierra (10.13.x) and up, you can use the host

For more information on using Transworld to submit collections, see the Collections Manager documentation.

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