Notes - Pull Field Basics

Pull fields extract data from the patient's record and add it directly to the text of a patient note, or can be used to create templates that will automatically populate a patient's information.

Standard Pull Fields
Standard pull fields will pull data directly from the patient's record in text form, such as their name, address, provider information, and so on. A pull field added to a template will display a data placeholder like this:<<Pat_Name>> When a patient note is created from the template, the patient's data (in this example, the patient's first and last name) will be pulled into the note. If a pull field is added directly to a patient note it will immediately be replaced with the patient's data.

For a complete list of available pull fields, please reference the Pull Field Map.

Tables Pull Fields
The Tables pull fields pull Ledger, Appointment, Referral, and Clinical data into a note. This section discusses how to setup and use Tables pull fields in a template. The full list of Tables pull fields can be located here.

Adding Table Pull Fields to a Template
The Tables pull fields, like standard pull fields, will pull information from the patient's record into the note. Unlike other pull fields, a single Table field contains additional pull fields that can pull selected records. For example, the Ledger table pull field can pull data only for selected transactions or for a certain procedure date range. The Tables fields can only be used in a template and cannot be added to a patient note directly.

Adding a Table pull field to a template will open an additional window so that more specific pull fields can be selected. For example, the Ledger table pull field allows the user to select further information about transactions. Just like the overall template, font style, spacing, lists, and so on can be set from within the table window. In the example below the table pull field will pull a procedure code, description, fee, and patient portion for each ledger line.

Above the text box there are two options that determine how data will be pulled into the pull field. The Ask For Input pop-up button determines whether the user will be prompted to choose which data is included in the pull field. If it is set to Yes, a prompt will appear to select which items will pull to the table. If it is set to No, all items for the selected table type (ledger line items, appointments, treatment items, etc.) will be pulled into the note. If Today's Charges Only is checked and Ask For Input is set to No, only charges with a procedure date of today will be pulled into the note. If Today's Charges Only is checked and Ask For Input is set to Yes, only today's procedures will be checked in the input window, but this can be edited. For more information on selecting items to appear in the Table pull fields, refer to the Generating a Note With a Table Pull Field section of this document.
Clicking the "OK" button will save the table formatting. The data within this window will only effect the selected table. To adjust an existing table pull field, simply double-click the table field. The window will reopen and the necessary changes can be made.
While text can be added to the Table window, it is important to remember that this information will be listed in the note for each item that is pulled into the note.

Example 1 (INCORRECT): In this image a table pull field is set up to pull a list of the patient's procedure codes.

The label text "We performed the following codes:" is within the table pull field, so it will be listed once for each code pulled into the template:

Example 2 (CORRECT):
 In this example the label text is in the main template.

The table pull field contains only the "code" pull field, followed by a comma, and the code description.

When a note is created from the template, each procedure code will be listed on a separate line. The text "We performed the following procedures" is not repeated for each code, as it is not contained in the Table pull field.

Generating a Note With a Table Pull Field
When you generate a patient note from a template with Table pull fields, a window will appear and ask you which items you would like to include in the note (if the Ask For Input menu was set to Yes in the table pull field window). You can check the Incident checkbox to filter the list to include only items associated with a selected incident. Check the Procedure Date checkbox and enter a Start and End date to filter the list by a date range. Click Today to automatically set the Start and End date to the current date. You can also use the All and None buttons to check or uncheck all items in the list.
After clicking Ok, the new note will be created, and data for the selected items will be pulled into the note.

Information on the Images pull fields in Notes can be found in the Note Images documentation or the Note Images pull field map.

Charts Pull Fields
The Charts Pull Fields work with the Merge Fields to pull a patient's Restorative Charting or Perio Chart information into a template or note.

Drag the pull field from the Merge Field to the template or note. When a patient note is created from the template, it will pull the specified chart.
For further information consult the Charts Pull Field map.

Pull Field Map
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