Notes - Formatting

This section will cover how to format notes. You can format Patient Notes, which will affect only the selected note record, or Templates, which will affect the template, and any patient notes created from the template.

Setting Margins
To set a note or template's margins, select the record in the sidebar (in the example below, you can see the Default template is selected), then select Margins from the Text menu.
A new window will open. Enter the margin measurements and click OK.
Be sure to save your changes by going to the Edit menu and selecting Save Record, or using the Command-S keyboard shortcut.

Headers & Footers
To create a header or footer for a note or template, go to the Text menu and select Header.
A new window will open. Check Has Header to add a header to the document, or Has Footer to add a footer. Enter the size of the header/footer in the Header Depth of Footer Depth field. The Placement menu offers some additional options for formatting.
  • Same On All Pages: The header or footer content will be the same on all pages of the document.
  • Page 1 Different The header or footer content on the first page can use one set of text, the text on all subsequent pages' headers/footers will be the same.
  • All Pages Different: The header or footer content can be unique to each page of the document.
Click OK when you are finished entering the information to return to the note or template. In the document, you will see the header or footer separated from the rest of the text by a thin gray line. In the example below, pull fields and the header are used to create a basic letterhead.
To add a table to a note or template, go to the Text menu and select Table.
An inspector pane will open, where you can set the number of rows and columns you wish to have in the table. You can also specify the alignment of text within the cells, the width of the cell borders, and the color of cell backgrounds.

The table will appear within the note text. You can use the Tab or arrow keys to navigate between cells.
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