References - Export Presets

An Export Preset is a selection of pull fields that be used to extract information out of a created List, typically generated from a Report. These are typically used to include additional information that isn't precent in the report or in the list. 

The Export Preset Reference contains all Export Presets that have been created. Like many other References, click on the green plus (+)in the sidebar to add a new Preset, or you can delete them by selecting an existing Preset in the sidebar and clicking the red minus (-).

Once created, select one out of the eight data lists available on the right. Each data list contains pull fields that can be extrapolated from reports. Within a list, you can select as many items as you would like to pull from a generated report, but from only one data list. Once finished, Command + S (or Edit menu > Save Record) to save. 


Note: While you can add Export Presets from the References Ability, we strongly recommend that you use this Reference category to EDIT an existing preset. Creating a preset on the fly is usually preferred, as not all List items will apply to each report. By performing this action on the fly, you are guaranteed to be presented options that will apply to that specific report.

From there you can open the List Window and apply that freshly created Export Preset to a List. You'll need to make sure you have the List available. To generate a List from a Report, navigate to the Reports Ability, select a Report which you would like to run that captures the list of patients you wish to pull more data from, and click the "Make List" button once you have generated that Report. 

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