References - Order Type

The Order Type Reference controls what Order Types are available when creating and editing Orders in the Orders Tab of the in the Patients Ability.

Creating an Order Type
To create a new order type, go to the References ability and select Order Type in the sidebar. Click the green plus button in the upper left area of the MacPractice window to create a new record.
Enter the type to add, then you can save by pressing the Command-S keyboard shortcut.
The Hide checkbox can be used to hide an order type from the Order Type menu on the order detail pane, or the Filter by Type menu in the order table. This will generally not be checked for new order types.
Once saved, the new order type will be available under the Order Type menu to add to new or existing Orders. Terminals should log out and back in to MacPractice to display the new type as an option.
Default User
For each order type, a Default User can be set for all orders created with the selected type. This can be manually overridden on a per-order basis. To set a default user for an order type, select the User from the "Default assigned to user" pop-up menu, and save the changes with the Edit menu under Save Record, or with the Command-S keyboard shortcut.
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