Ledger - Overview

The MacPractice ledger is located within each patient file under the Ledger tab.

Account Structure

Accounts in MacPractice are groups of individual Patient records.

All patients on an account share information in the Primary, Secondary, and Account tabs. Account statements will reflect balances for all patients on the account. Account are generally based on families, though in some cases (such as worker's compensation), they may be grouped by employer, or another criteria. The Account Ledger shows all ledger activity for a selected account.

Each patient can additionally have multiple incidents. Inside an Incident, you will be able to keep track of transactions unique to a patient. 

Note: Individual patient transactions in an incident will show in the Account Ledger, but items in the Account Ledger may not show in a patient's incident.

Ledger Preferences

The links below will direct you to our Ledger Preferences.

Ledger Layout

  • Ledger Tab Layout: This article will explain the basics of the three parts of the ledger as well as their sub-areas.
  • Ledger - Treatment Plan: This article will go through the basics of each area of the Treatment Plan.
  • Ledger - Incident Tabs: This article will guide you through each tab under the Incident node in the Ledger Sidebar. 


These guides will explain each menu as well as each option and what they do.


These guides will go through the additional windows a user may encounter while working within the ledger.

 Helpful Guides

We have compiled a few articles we though would be helpful to offices based on frequently asked questions. 

Advanced Ledger Guides

These articles include the more advanced function of the ledger.

Ledger Highlights

When you select an item on the ledger, related transactions are highlighted in yellow. In the example below, we can see the selected charge is associated to a patient payment, an insurance claim, and an insurance payment.


When highlighting a claim, you may notice procedures highlighted in green instead. This indicates the selected charge has been edited since the claim was created, so information in the charge window may be different from the information on the claim.

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