Ledger - Account Ledger

The Account Ledger is a list of all Ledger activity in a single account.

You cannot post or open payments or charges in this area. If you attempt to open a procedure or payment while in the Account Ledger, you will be taken to the incident associated with the item, and the transaction will be highlighted.

The same rules for deleting in the Incident Ledger apply to the Account Ledger. Highlight the appropriate line item and press the delete key. If there is anything associated with your selection, you will need to delete the line item(s) before you can delete your original selection.

The Account Ledger is also the only place where you will be able to see finance charges on the account, because a finance charge is applied to the account a whole, not a specific incident. Typically, the finance charges are based upon the Provider/Office selected in the patient's Account tab; however, these may be overridden by double clicking and editing directly on the patient's Account Ledger. 

There are a number of options in the Ledger Preferences that affect the way the Account Ledger is displayed. Click here for more information on the Ledger Preferences.

You can print statements from the Account Ledger by going to the Print pop-up menu and choosing which type of statement you will print.

  • Print Selected Transactions: Prints the transactions you have selected in the Account Ledger.
  • Print Account Statement: Prints the entire ledger, for all patients/incidents.
  • Print Today's Transactions: Prints charges, payments, comments, adjustments, and other such transactions that were entered on the current day, in the patient/family ledger.
  • Print Patient Payments: Lists all payments that were entered within the selected date range.

Incidents may be archived as well. When an Incident is archived, it may not appear in the Account Ledger. The View Options menu makes it possible to see archived Incidents in the Account Ledger.

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    Leighton Heusinger

    This could really use some images. It should also document why a user would use this node and not just the incident ledger. I would also document or tie to showing archived incidents.