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Patient transactions are broken down into Incidents.


Incidents are used to keep the ledger organized and manageable. Instead of having all of the transactions listed in one large record, a user can create more incidents to separate a patient's transactions and make it easier to find information. A user may choose to create an incident for each year, month, visit (or set of visits), specialty within the practice, and so on. They are completely user-definable.
Note: MacPractice does not recommend a user use only one incident for the entire patient's history.

In order to archive transactions, a user must archive a complete incident. If there is only one incident stretching back many years, a user cannot archive the older transactions.

It is also possible to create new Billing Contracts or Treatment Plans under the Incidents menu; these functions are covered in separate documents.

New Incident
Incidents are created in three ways:

  1. When a New Patient is created a New Incident is created automatically.
  2. When you attempt to archive the last incident in the Ledger, a new incident will be created automatically.
  3. To create an Incident manually go to the Ledger tab. Click the Incident pop-up menu and select New Incident.


When you create a new incident (as opposed to reusing an existing incident) is up to your office.

New Billing Contract
This option will create a new Billing Contract.

Edit Billing Contract
This allows any existing Billing Contract to be edited.

Duplicate Treatment Plan
Any selected Treatment Plan will be duplicated.

Show/Hide Rejected Treatment Plans
Depending on which option is selected, a Treatment Plan with a status of Rejected will either appear or be hidden.

New Treatment Plan
This will create a new Treatment Plan.


Export Incident
You can export a CDA document that will contain only the selected incident's transactions by going to the Incidents menu and selecting Export Selected Incident.

For more information on exporting CDA documents Click Here.


Archiving/Deleting an Incident
An incident can be archived if the balance is 0.00, and there are no open insurance claims.

Procedures or open predeterminations in the Treatment Plan area are not counted towards the balance or open claims. If you try to archive an incident with a balance or open claims, you will see the following error:

If an incident has a 0.00 balance and all claims are closed, it can be archived by going up to the Incidents menu and choosing Archive Selected Incident.

You will be asked to confirm the action:


If the incident has never had any transactions posted to it, it can be deleted rather than archived. Choose Delete Selected Incident from the incidents menu.

The incident will be deleted immediately, there will not be a confirmation message. If the incident is not eligible for deletion, you will be prompted to archive the incident instead.

Retrieve Archived
An archived incident may be retrieved by choosing Retrieve Archived from the Incidents menu. Deleted incidents cannot be retrieved.

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