Ledger - Incident Tab

When you select an incident from the incident list, you will see a number of tabs where you can set additional information about the incident. Generally, the information in these tabs is used on insurance claims printed under that incident.

For a full explanation of the various tabs, please click here.

Even if you do not need to enter claim information in the other tabs, you will need to at least enter an incident name, date and type. The Incident Date will default to the day the incident was created, but it can be manually overridden. Additionally, there is a preference to automatically set the Incident Date to the Procedure Date of the first procedure entered in the incident. This preference can be found under the Incident tab of the Ledger preferences, as shown below:


The Incident Name can be whatever you like. The name and date will be displayed in the Incident menus throughout MacPractice, so it should give you an idea of the purpose of the incident. Common incident names include the year (for offices who use one incident per year), or the reason for the patient's visit. You can set the incident name that will be assigned to new incidents by default in the Incidents tab of the Ledger preferences.

The other fields can be used to default information that pulls to the New Charge window and insurance claims, as needed.

The Referral Source field allows you to enter a referral for the incident. The referral entered in the incident will be pulled into the New Charge window automatically, when charges are entered under the selected incident. If the referral is not listed on the incident, it must be added manually to each charge. If the referral is not listed on the charge, their information will not be printed in box 17 on the CMS claim forms.

The Reason for Treatment area determines what is populated in boxes 40, 45, 46 and 47 of the ADA 2006 form, and boxes 10 a-c on the CMS 1500 (08/05) form. For more information on these fields, please see our interactive claim forms.

Text entered in the "Box 19 on Insurance Form" field will be printed in box 19 of the CMS 1500 (08/05) claim form.

The Facility field allows you to select a facility that will be used in the new charge window when you select a Place of Service other than Office. You may also choose to have the facility pull to all charges entered in the incident, regardless of place of service. To enable this preference, go to your ledger preferences, and select the New Charge tab. Check the box labeled "Always pull facility from incident".


Your changes will be saved automatically when you close the preference window. This is a local preference, which means it must be set on each computer in your office individually.

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