Ledger - Prior Authorization Tab

Entering A Prior Authorization
To add a Prior Authorization number to a patient's incident, click the small green plus sign in the upper right corner of the Prior Auth. tab. A new line will be added to the Prior Authorization table. Enter the prior authorization number, select the insurance company associated with the authorization, then enter the total visits authorized, and how many remain. You can also enter an Expiration Date and a Start Date if you wish. The prior authorization will not be used for charges outside of this date range. If you have multiple authorization numbers, simply click the plus button again to add a new line.


To include a prior authorization number on a claim, create a claim as you normally would (click here for more information on claim creation). In the claim creation window, select the prior authorization number you wish to include on the claim from the Prior Auth pop-up menu. The number of remaining visits will be listed in parenthesis after the authorization number.


Each time the authorization number is used on a claim, the Remaining Visits will be decreased by one. If you delete a claim that was associated to a prior authorization, you will be asked if you wish to add a visit back to the prior authorization record. Click Yes to add a visit back to the Remaining Visits; click No to leave the Remaining Visit count as-is.

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    Tiffany Yanagida

    screen shots could use updating (last one at least is from 4.1 with those old buttons!). also we should mention the preference in preferences> ledger> incident that gives you alerts when you're running low on prior auths